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Pay by LayBuy - Get it now. Pay it in 6.

LayBuy - How It Works

LAYBUY - Get it now. Pay it in 6.

Shop online with Laybuy at Salvatore and get 6 weeks to pay with no interest or fees on purchases.

Simply select Laybuy as your payment method at checkout, sign up or sign in, and pay only a 6th of the total amount today but get your goods shipped straight away.

You then pay the rest over 5 additional weekly payments automatically charged to your linked card. Apply online now at Laybuy or see our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q. How does Laybuy work?

Step 01 - Proceed to checkout as normal and select Laybuy as your payment method.
Step 02 - Log in or sign up and complete your order in seconds.
Step 03 - Choose your payment day, view your schedule and select pay now.
Step 04 - You're done! Your items are on their way. Payments will be taken each week automatically.

Q. How do I sign up using Laybuy?

A. You can make your first Laybuy purchase as soon as you complete registration and you have been accepted as a user of our service.
Your Laybuy account can be created either by clicking Log In/Sign Up on our site, or by selecting Pay by Laybuy upon checkout and creating an account.
You are now able to complete purchases using Laybuy at any of our approved Merchants.
Laybuy performs a credit check on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit (see How is my Laybuy limit approved?) and you can begin shopping immediately.

Q. How much does Laybuy cost?

A. Laybuy doesn't charge you any interest or upfront fees.
If you miss a payment you will be notified immediately. A late payment fee of $10/£6 may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on time. Any payment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or your credit score being affected.

Q. When will my first payment be taken?

A. You will always pay the first instalment at the time you place your order.

Q. Can anyone use Laybuy?

A. Laybuy is available for New Zealand, Australian and UK residents who are at least 18 years old.
Before you can use Laybuy you need to provide us with your full name, residential address, email address and your mobile number for the credit check/verification.
We will also need your Visa Debit or Credit Card details so that we can deduct the amounts in connection with your purchase.

Q. I'm from Australia and/or New Zealand and I don't have a drivers license, can I still sign up to Laybuy?

A. If you are signing up in New Zealand or Australia, you may be required to present your Drivers License number. Unfortunately at this time, to verify your identity we currently only accept drivers license details and no other form of personal identification is supported.

Q. Why have I not been able to open a Laybuy account?

A. When you create your account, We perform a credit and identity check that is used to assign your Laybuy "limit" based on your credit history. This limit may change as we get to know you better. Your order may be declined because the total purchase price is greater than your Laybuy limit and the available balance on your debit or credit card is not enough to pay the difference between your Laybuy limit and the total purchase price.
The system is fast and efficient so we don't keep you waiting. As you develop a successful payment history with us we may revise your limit. The more you use Laybuy and continue to make your payments on time, the more you will be able to spend.
We operate as a responsible, free service to our consumers and it is important that we ensure our customers can repay what they owe us each time they shop using Laybuy.

Q. How much can I spend with Laybuy?

A. Laybuy accepts and allocates limits, or declines applications according to our credit policy which includes credit information provided by our partners, Centrix and Experian. When you go to place a Laybuy order, your account is created and you are assigned a limit.
To work out your Live Laybuy Limit, simply add all pending transactions across all orders, then subtract this from the number above.
Before you complete your purchase, your payment schedule is shown to you. Laybuy doesn’t restrict the amount you can spend however if you exceed your limit, you are required to pay the “excess” on Day 1.
This will only ever occur when the total purchase price of your items exceeds your limit.
We review your credit limit every 2-3 months and is dependent on how often you use the service and if your payments have been on time.

Q. How many orders can I have with Laybuy?

A. You can have as many Laybuy orders as you would like within your Laybuy limit.
If you have declined payments, these will need to be up to date before you can create new orders.

Q. Do I need the whole amount of the purchase on my card?

A. No, you only need 1 6th of your purchase on your nominated card which is charged at checkout.

Q. Can I make an early payment?

A. If you decide to pay off an instalment earlier than the due date, this will not affect any future instalment due dates.
For example, if you pay instalment two of six, instalment three will still be due on the same date and will not change.

Q. Will you remind me about my instalments?

A. Yes, Laybuy will email you the day before they take the instalment payment, but it is still down to you to ensure there are sufficient funds to take each instalment payment.

Q. How do I update my details?

A. Simply log into your Laybuy account here and find the My Details tab to have these updated.

Q. Does Laybuy have an App?

A. Yes we do! The App is free and available to download on both Apple & Android

LAYBUY is a service independent to Salvatore, therefore your payment obligations are with LAYBUY and the account you establish with them. If you have any questions at all regarding your future payments please contact LAYBUY directly as we are unable to assist.

If you fail to make a payment, a default fee of $10 may be charged. Additional failure to make payments will result in further charges being applied to your account. These fees may be incurred for each payment that is late. You can view Laybuy’s full terms and conditions at the following link Consumer Terms & Conditions

LAYBUY is currently only available for Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom customers.

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